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Straight On Till Morning

The international best-selling biography of Beryl Markham

UK Hardback

UK Hardback

Straight on till Morning (Century Hutchinson, London) Publication date 1987 Hardback
ISBN 0 09 170580 0

Straight on till Morning (Arena, London) Publication date 1988 Paperback
ISBN 0 09 953600 5

USA Hardback

USA Hardback

Straight on till Morning (St Martin's Press, New York) Publication date 1987 Hardback
ISBN 0 312 01096 6

Straight on till Morning (St Martin's Press, New York) Publication date 1988 - 1991 Paperback
ISBN 0 312 92515 8

Beryl Markham, who died in August 1986, was a dramatic and passionate personality whose playmates as a child were African tribesmen and hunters. Her fame as a pioneer flyer, bush pilot and leading racehorse trainer was only exceeded by her beauty and controversial character.

She was as flamboyant and direct in her private life as in her brilliant professional career and numbered among her many lovers Prince Henry (later Duke of Gloucester), Denys Finch Hatton, and Bror Blixen.

Feted after becoming the first person to fly from England to America she wrote her superb memoir West with the Night. But her own book reveals nothing of her tempestuous personal life and these gaps have now been filled by this authorised biography. Drawing on Mary Lovell's personal association with Beryl and her family, access to Beryl's personal papers and interviews with Beryl's many friends and associates around the world, the full story of Beryl's astonishing adventures ranging across three continents is revealed for the first time.

Illustrated with superb photographs, many from Beryl Markham's own collection, this book was acclaimed one of the most readable and fascinating biographies of the year. It jumped into the British best-seller lists within days of publication, spent 12 weeks on the New York Times charts, and was on best seller lists around the world for months.

What the reviewers said:

"The story of a phenomenal life, told convincingly by someone fascinated by her subject... Every page is filled with revelations, gossip and fascinating details about Markham and the people she knew."
New York Times Book Review (Front page review).

"A superbly researched, gracefully written, outspoken but not unsympathetic biography ... an irresistibly engrossing portrait."
Kirkus Reviews.

"A splendid addition to the tale of Kenya's colonial past."
Daily Mail.

"A stunning biography that should silence most of those who doubted Markham's abilities ... a well-wrought, brilliantly researched portrait."
Los Angeles Times.

"Should be required reading for those who enjoyed Markham's West With the Night."

"Lovell manages to pinpoint and dissect the essential character of an elusive and unconventional adventurer. This breathtaking chronicle considerably broadens the scope of Makham's recently reissued memoir West with the Night ..."

"One of the most talked about books of the year."
New Trade Books.

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